Mahishasura mardini by ms subbulakshmi online dating

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Mahishasura mardini by ms subbulakshmi online dating

He looked more a beggar than the usual listener of classic music. ‘You have brought out the heart of Purandhara Dasa and enabled even ordinary persons like me to understand them,’ he told us with tears welling up his eyes. It cuts across barriers of age, class, language or status in society. Music has the power to touch the heart of even the illiterate, who does not posses even the rudimentary knowledge of its nuances. We don’t have time for our present number of performances.

‘What could he understand of music,’ was the thought that ran in our minds at that time. You have given vocal recital before international audiences. Music programmes in our country are an everyday affair. But for the international audience, it is a very rare occasion. Moreover, Carnatic music is an ocean and it is not possible for anyone to complete what is there already.

‘Arunagirinadhar’ and ‘Yaar Jambulingam.’ And then it so happened that offers that we received were for either one of us.

‘Decide among yourself and take this opportunity’ was the kind of offers.

And then we have come out with songs for specific occasions, like our traditional wedding songs, lullaby etc.

About your experience in the film industry… We have sung only in two films.

But it cannot be said that our relationship is devoid of differences of opinion.

It is so natural that such differences are to be there!

Added to this, we are fortunate in living in a family that lends all support and co-operation and do not come in our way.

What in your view are the good and the not-so-good points of the recent music season?

Well, the good point is that many performances were arranged in almost all parts of the city.

C Saroja & C Lalita - The Bombay Sisters ( ) The sisters, Saroja and Lalita are a prominent duo, who are known for their balanced approach to concert presentation.

Disciples of T K Govinda Rao, the Bombay sisters, as they're popularly known, have graced the Carnatic music stage with distinction. These three are our forerunners and also the ones who showed to the world that women could enter this field, establish themselves and also shine as their male counterparts.

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