Extreme dating dvd

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Extreme dating dvd

Well, the video and sound quality of the third Extreme has taken a jump in quality. The surf and sea breeze still lend additional natural energy, but Weber’s voice and the driving rock pound home the message as distinctly as you could ever want!

Each chapter has a brief written intro about the exercises to minimize talking at the beginning of each workout. There is a countdown timer in the lower right corner of the screen so when the going gets tough, you know that you know how much longer you have to push yourself until you get a break.

I've done his other two dvd's and thought I'd be ready for this one.

Boy was I wrong the first three chapters alone left me an out of breath sweaty heap on the floor.

Extreme 3 is the Marriage of Heaven and Hell—the blissful anguish of pushing yourself into that special realm where agony bonds with ecstasy… This means twice the workload, in shorter segments, for a shorter overall workout duration than the previous Extremes.

Because of the higher intensity, of course, you will still be screaming for mercy well before the workouts’ official end.

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Part of the charm of the first two Extremes was the rough-and-ready production values.

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